Auction Details



1:00 p.m.

102 North Oak Street, Hackett AR 72937

Directions: From HWY 45, turn East on East Greenwood Street and go to past the Softball
Field and turn left into the parking lot. From HWY 10, turn South on East Greenwood Street and
follow the road around and keep right at New Hope Road intersection then turn right into the parking lot.

Farm & Lawn: 8’x12’ Storage Building – Gift Certificates for Hydraulic Work – Several Loads
(approx. 21 ton per load) of SB2 Gravel (delivery included) – Several Loads of Slag (delivery
included) – Several Loads of ¾” to 2” Gravel (delivery included) – Rock Fire Pits – Rock Benches –
Arkansas Razorbacks Fire Pits – Hackett Hornets Fire Pits – Hartford Hustlers Fire Pit – Bundle
of 2X6X20 Lumber (128 Boards) – Several Hay Feeders – Several Feeder Troughs – Rics of
Firewood – Assortment of Vet & Pet Supplies – Assortment of Dog Collars – Saddle Rack –
Assorted Bags of Cattle & Mineral – 1 Gallon Sprayer – Several Bags of Pine Shavings – Feed
Tubs – Several Picnic Benches – Several Weed Eaters – Leaf Blower – Several Log Chains
Shop: Baldor Bench Grinder – Several Quarts of Motor Oil – Several Quarts of Diesel Engine Oil
– Several Tubes of Grease – Several Bottles of QuickSilver 2 Stroke Marine Engine Oil – Several
Barrels of Gear Lubricant – Several Gift Certificates for Oil Changes, Tire Alignments, Balances,
& Rotations – Several Gallons of Antifreeze – Several Gallons of Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment –
Several 55 Gallon Barrels of Brake Parts Cleaner – Several 55 Gallon Barrels of Refrigeration
Oil – Several 55 Gallon Barrels of Ice Machine Oil – Assorted Electrical & Hand Tools – Circular
Saws, Hand Grinders, Cordless Drills – Various Socket & Wrench Sets – Jump Starters – Airless

Household: Propane Cooker – Kitchen Faucets – John Deere Mailbox – John Deere Barstool –
Pocket Knives – Handmade Knives – Horse w/ Horseshoe Lamps – Sofa Server – Several Gift
Certificates & Gift Cards.

Sporting Goods: Yellow Jacket Archery Target – Moultrie Game Camera – Assorted Fishing
Lures – Hackett Hornets Corn Hole Boards – Hartford Hustlers Corn Hole Boards – Turkey Vest

Note: Expect many more items not listed. Most items are brand new. Come out to the Annual
Hackett/Hartford FFA Auction and help support our Future Farmers of America.